Kay Subramanian


On 28 September 2014 I was invited to my son’s home for a birthday party. I was totally well but after an hour I felt hot & tired. I told them I am going upstairs to lay down. I battle to find a comfortable position to sleep. 10 minutes later my daughter came to check on me. I tried talking to her and she laughed & said “mum are you drunk”. I then realised my speech was slurred. I asked her for a glass of water & when I tried to use my right hand to hold the glass, I could not. I thought nothing about & thinking it was numb because I slept on it. I used my left hand & on my first sip I realised the water seeped from my mouth & there was no feeling on my right side of my face. My son was called to take me the doctor. As I tried to stand, I realised I had no feeling on my whole right side of my body. I told my son Ï think I am having a stroke. My son said to me “mum don’t be a drama queen. You are too young to have a stroke.” (I was 53) When the ambulance had arrived they checked my pressure & it was 210. I am not hypertensive. On arrival at the hospital I was diagnosed that I had a stroke. I spent 3 week in hospital and 2.5 months in the rehab.

I was in hospital receiving treatment in45 minutes from the time I realised that something was wrong. I was lucky to make the Golden Hour.

I worked hard & told myself that I would get well again. Here I am, a year later, back to being my own self.

Kay Subramanian
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