Heart Awareness Month is earmarked for September on an annual basis in South Africa. September is dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease and its risk factors in South Africa, and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease onset.

In this month, the importance of the correct treatment for those who have cardiac related medical conditions, is also highlighted. Heart Awareness Month culminates in World Heart Day on the 29th of September. The World Heart Federation (WHF), an organization from which the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA) has a membership, takes the lead on this initiative.

In keeping with the WHF, the HSFSA upholds the World Heart Day 2018 theme, My Heart, Your Heart and carries it through the entire Heart Awareness Month programme in September which culminates on 29 September.

Why Heart Awareness Month and World Heart Day?

Campaign aim:

  1. Reinforcing the knowledge and awareness of heart disease and other circulatory diseases
  2. Influencing the behavioural uptake of a healthy lifestyle and reducing risk for cardiovascular disease onset
  3. Promoting the detection, prevention, treatment and care over a 4 – 5 week period with the main events occurring in September and on World Heart Day
  4. Reduce preventable heart disease by discouraging smoking, reducing salt intake, eating well, moving more, and getting your health risk assessment

Weekly interview topics of our core awareness drives

For maximum awareness we need to give the public as many ways as possible to look after their hearts and more importantly, tell them why. This year we focus on reducing poor health habits which increase our risk for heart disease such as tobacco smoking and the use of excessive salt in our diets.

In addition, we also expand on nutritional advice for well-balanced eating and exercising as part of our lifestyles and not as a chore. Finally, we look forward to the culmination of Heart Awareness Month on World Heart Day whereby we will invite all media to cover various WHD activities around the country; including the lighting up in red of major land marks.

Heart Awareness Month radio campaign weekly topics to look forward to

Week 1: Tobacco Breaks Hearts

Tobacco smoking is one of the biggest drivers of cardiovascular disease #MyHeart #YourHeart

Week 2: Hypertension, your body doesn’t need the extra salt

Excessive salt consumption leads to high blood pressure which can cause a heart attack or stroke #MyHeart #YourHeart

Week 3: Eat well, move more!

80% of heart disease can be prevented by healthy living, keeping active, and getting practical about what we eat #MyHeart #YourHeart

Week 4: World Heart Day: My Heart, Your Heart!

This World Heart Day, take control of your life and the world around you for a healthier heart. Your annual check-up for “silent killers” like blood pressure and cholesterol is the best way to check your heart’s power #MyHeart #YourHeart 

  1. Activities

Get it FREE!  Dis-chem Pharmacies around the country will be giving FREE health risk assessments, so tell the public to get their blood pressure, blood glucose, BMI, cholesterol, and iron levels checked at any Dis-chem Pharmacy from 3 September – 12 October 2018. Getting tested will give you a better idea of your risk, if you need intervention, medication or if you require other preventative measures. Get peace of mind and #checkit

Keep an eye out for our World Heart Day activities in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, and Port Elizabeth! 

For updates on our World Heart Day activities please on our website for regular updates www.heartfoundation.co.za or call 021-422 1586.