Are you protecting your workforce?

Eating healthy is more than just counting kilojoules and nutrients. Eating healthy is about making healthy food choices daily, how those choices add up and affects our health. Often employees are faced with unhealthy choices provided by staff canteens and vending machines filled with salt and sugar laden foods which do not promote health.

Lack of physical activity increases the chance of developing many lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease to name a few – these are also linked to stress, depression, and anxiety. As an employer there are many ways to promote physical activity for the wellbeing of your most important resource, your people!

Stress alone doesn’t cause heart disease, but stress has been linked to increased risk for heart disease. Stress often leads to unhealthy behaviours like avoiding physical activity, smoking, alcohol abuse, and poor food choices, and these all contribute toward the risk factors for developing heart disease.

We can help!

We can help your employees understand that being healthy is not about a diet, but rather about long term habits which are a lifestyle. We offer:

  • Health risk assessments
  • Health education and counselling by certified professionals
  • Advice on getting in exercise when you think there is no time to do it
  • How to lower stress levels effectively
  • How you can create a healthy working environment that is conducive to productivity in the workplace.

Benefits to you and your business

  • A healthy workforce is a productive workforce
  • Lowering risk of occupation conditions
  • Lowering absenteeism and risk of disability
  • Positions you as a proactive and holistic employer

To book your Employee Wellness Day contact:

Contact: Prof Pamela Naidoo (CEO)
Tel: 021-422 1586