The Health Promotions Programme conducts Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) for cardiovascular disease (CVD) onset within the public sector, in public spaces and at public events throughout South Africa. A HRA usually includes checking blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure as well as weight status and waist circumference to help individuals to understand their risk for CVD. Appropriate counselling is offered to members of the public whose health risk assessment renders concerns and they may also refer them to a doctor for further care.

It is extremely important to know these crucial numbers because some of them are considered “silent killers” such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, where there are rarely any symptoms to warn you that it is high. All adults should therefore have this health check done once a year or more often if recommended by a doctor.


To book a community health risk assessment in your area, contact:

Person: Prof Pamela Naidoo (CEO)
Tel: 021-422 1586