Ronald Abvajee

Ronald is an entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, a qualified physiologist with a degree in Physical Education and Human Movement Sciences and he is also a qualified 5th degree black belt in karate. As a renowned radio and television wellbeing expert, Ronald wins the hearts and minds of audiences through his practical approach to overcoming challenges and the honest belief that wellbeing is not a lofty aspiration but something that every person deserves and can attain with the right information and tools to fix what might be perceived as broken or breaking. He has won numerous awards in recognition of the impact he makes both within his own company and those he works with.

Jenni Gault

Jennie Gault, a jewelry designer was an exceptionally fit 41 year old when in 2007 she had a series of Heart Attacks and subsequently a Stroke. Over the next four years, she had 18 TIA’s. In 2010 and 2012, she had both left and right total hip replacements. In 2018, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, this led to a double mastectomy. She is very excited to have received Remission Status. She has led a very exciting life and traveled and shown in incredible places. A highlight for her was in 2017 when she was awarded the accolade “The World’s Most Talented Fashion Jewellery Designer ” by Hermann Winkler, Swarovski. In spite of her medical complications, she decided to be a Mountaineer and has summited Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Kalapatthar and Everest Base Camp.

Sister Paddy Chettiar

Being in nephrology for over four decades, it’s Sister Paddy Chettia’s passion to date as it was once said that ‘Paddy Chettiar is changing the world’. She intends to change the world community by community and person by person due to premature deaths suffered as a result of insufficient funding and being denied good medical care once diagnosed with a chronic illness. Having shared platforms both internationally and locally in renal and nursing has given her satisfaction whilst being affiliated with the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA has made taking and testing of blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol a level higher.