Application and Licencing Fee

The Foundation operates in accordance with the rules and regulation governing a registered Non-profit organisation in South Africa and is not driven by profit. The licence fees received from the respective endorsements are used to ensure the quality and sustainability of the programmes. The balance of endorsement fees is used to subsidise Health Promotion programmes run by the Foundation such as school programmes, free community health risk assessments, Mended Hearts meetings, research and so on.

All manufacturers that use the Heart Mark on its products are required to sign a contract and pay an annual licence fee.

Application Fee

The Heart Mark application fee amount is now R 2 046,06 (excluding VAT) as of the 1st of April 2024 which must be paid on application, thereafter once the product/s are approved the annual standard licensing fee will be payable. This fee is reviewed annually and is subject to change without notice.

Annual Licensing Fee

The annual fee will be based on the turnover of the endorsed product and is based on our tiered structure.