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May Measurement Month

17 May is World Hypertension Day. Another ‘world day’ you might think…. Why do we need it? The need to make people more aware of high blood pressure or hypertension, is now more urgent than ever! Hypertension is one the most important health problems that needs to be addressed in the world today and knowing what causes high blood pressure, if you have it, how to avoid it and how to manage it has become a global priority.

Are you just another statistic?

Here are the South African numbers:



Good. If you have not tested your blood pressure since April 2016 until today, then May Measurement Month is a challenge for you!

Have your blood pressure tested at any clinic, pharmacy or doctor. Don’t wait. Knowing and doing something about it can save a life. A blood pressure test is an inflated cuff away from being more informed about your health and having peace of mind. More than knowing your numbers, it is also important to know what causes high blood pressure and to be aware of factors in your life which can affect your blood pressure such as stress and a high salt intake - and further to that, where salt comes from in your diet, and ways to reduce your salt intake. So your challenge is to:

  • Measure your blood pressure
  • Get as many of your family members, friends, and colleagues to know their blood pressure
  • Measure your salt intake using: www.saltcalculator.co.za

If you blood pressure is high, there are 8 simple steps to improve it:

1.       Talk to your doctor about medication

2.       Eat a healthy diet with less salt and more fruits, vegetables and some dairy

3.       Become more physically active

4.       Stop smoking

5.       Manage your stress better

6.       Lose weight

7.    Cook with less salt and look for Heart Mark products

8.       Keep on testing regularly!