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How to keep a balanced diet on track

We know how hard it is to keep our lives balanced since there are so many versions of “balance” and “moderation”. These 7 tips will help you keep your eating habits in check as we strive to cement a healthy lifestyle which should certainly include physical activity, excessive alcohol use and getting regular screening tests done for blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol.

Tip 1:

Always eat breakfast! Skipping breakfast leads to hunger later in the day, inconsistent nibbling, and binge eating. Having a good wholesome breakfast kick starts your metabolism for the day.

Tip 2:

Eat up to 8 mini-meals for the day. This keeps your metabolism moving all day, however dinner should be your last meal of the day. Having various small meals allows you to plan all things in moderation and get a broad spectrum of foods in per day. This makes getting your fibre, protein, fruit and vegetables portions easy when having 4-5 mini meals daily.

Tip 3:

Have protein in every meal. Protein helps keep you fuller for longer. Remember to choose healthy proteins like lean meat, seafood, egg whites, low-fat and unsweetened yoghurts, as well as beans

Tip 4:

Drink plenty of water or water infused with fresh fruit. Hydrating helps the body perform at optimal levels and flush out impurities and toxins. The benefits of water are far reaching, it boost the immune system, increases energy, and relieves fatigue.

Tip 5:

Enjoy your favourite foods. Do not cut out the things you like completely but rather have them in moderation. Try to buy smart when it comes to the things you love. So if you love an occasional or weekly treat, instead of buying a box of cookies, buy a freshly baked cookie or pastry from the bakery to enjoy.

Tip 6:

Understand portion size. Protein should be a fist size portion on your plate as well as your vegetable serving, starch can be half a fist size. Portion out snacks into small containers instead of eating directly from the packet and split restaurant servings in half allowing to meals out of one serving.

Tip 7:

Choose nighttime snacks wisely! Unsalted nuts, popcorn, trail mix or a scoop of low fat ice-cream are good options because they are not laden with excessive sugar or salt.

Maintaining these tips deserve a celebration, but not with food. If you have reached a weight goal, a personal lifestyle goal or simply feeling more revitalized because of your diet then spoil yourself with something that will motivate you to keep up your healthy routine. Share these tips with your friends and family to help them live the best life they can.