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4 Easy ways to keep kids moving

Back to school means back to basics but we don’t want lifestyle habits to lag behind. Exercise is so important to the lifestyle we want our children lead and in truth, regular exercise can give you the most profound long-term health benefits. Since it goes hand-in-hand with healthy eating habits, we need to make sure our children have some downtime from the routine homework and TV. Let’s keep them moving with 4 easy ways to incorporate exercise into our home life:

1.    Skipping sensation

Getting a skipping rope for the kids to play with is an economic way of getting them to have fun with exercising. What starts out as a game or a challenge can give them hours of exercising playtime.

2.    Hop to it

Drawing hopscotch blocks in the backyard will not only take you back to some happy childhood memories but can keep the kids occupied for hours. It may even entice you to join them so you can teach them a few games you played back in the old days.

3.    Dance-A-Thon

We all love music and it seems to lift even the dullest spirits. Put on your favourite tunes and have a family dance competition. Half an hour on and off dancing is a good amount of physical activity. Whoever wins gets extra dessert!

4.    Pillow fight

After a long day of school, work, homework, supper and everything in between, end the day with a stress relieving pillow fight! Jumping around on the bed, knocking about with a fluffy pillow, and getting out of breathe stimulates that silliness and funny side of life we all need to be reminded of. Going to sleep with a smile on your face after some silliness is a great way to end the day without even noticing how much exercising you’ve been doing.

Help yourself!

Not getting enough exercise increases the chance of developing many diseases, including high blood pressure, overweight and obesity, diabetes, cancers, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease (CVD), and is linked with depression, anxiety, stress and poor aging. In comparison to those who exercise regularly, inactive people double their risk of suffering a heart attack and have a higher risk of dying immediately after such an attack.

5 Benefits of exercise that applies to all of us:

  1. Strengthens bones and muscles

  2. Relieves stress and improves mental vitality

  3. Increases Immunity

  4. Smokers who exercise are twice as successful in their attempts to quit

  5. Reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome by:

  • Lowering your blood pressure

  • Lowering cholesterol levels and improving ‘good’ cholesterol levels

  • Lowering blood sugar

  • Improving blood circulation

Don’t forget to take advantage of good weather and do as much outdoor activities as you can.  We hope we have helped inspire you to save time by making exercising easy for you and your family because we understand that life gets very exceptionally busy.