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5 Heart healthy activities for Mother’s Day

Mother’s all over the world deserve praise for all the hard work and effort made to make our lives easier and the world a happier place for us. Mother’s everywhere take on a lot of pressure and challenges in keeping our lives running smoothly and never ask for anything in return. Mom’s help us up when life knocks us down, they are our biggest fans, they shower us with affection, and love us unconditionally. Now it’s time to look after her heart health this Mother’s Day and we have 5 ways to do this: 

May Measurement Month

17 May is World Hypertension Day. Another ‘world day’ you might think…. Why do we need it? The need to make people more aware of high blood pressure or hypertension, is now more urgent than ever! Hypertension is one the most important health problems that needs to be addressed in the world today and knowing what causes high blood pressure, if you have it, how to avoid it and how to manage it has become a global priority. Are you just another statistic? Here are the South African numbers:

7 Brilliant Benefits of Breakfast

Breakfast is often named ‘the most important meal of the day’, yet nearly 1 in 5 South African children skip it before going to school. They may skip it because they aren’t hungry, wake up too late, or because people at home weren’t having breakfast. The benefit of eating breakfast not only lies in eating breakfast itself but also in what we eat for breakfast. Here we highlight the scientifically-proven benefits to give you all the more reason to make time and enjoy a daily balanced breakfast with your children.

Let’s talk about depression and heart disease

The 7th of April is World Health Day 2017, which marks the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organisation. In celebration of this day we take the opportunity talk about this year’s theme, ‘depression - let’s talk’, and the link between depression and heart disease. Depression affects more than 300 million people worldwide, from all ages, all walks of life and in all countries. Depression can happen to anyone and is not a sign of weakness as some people may think.

6 Yummy, and Healthy, Easter Treats

Easter holidays are notoriously filled with chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. As delicious as these may be, too many of them and you’ll have the children bouncing off the walls. Instead, try some of these delicious and healthy treats to balance it all out this Easter. 

Six salty culprits in your diet

Shaking the habit Average South African’s get their salt intake from 3 major sources: processed food, salt found naturally in foods, and adding salt to food while cooking or at the table. Of course, processed food wins for most salt in our diet with a whopping 55%, and salt found naturally in foods only contributes to 5% of salt in our diets.

Salt, The Forgotten Killer

Salt Awareness Week 2017 is almost upon us! This year, from 20th to 26th March the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA will aim to combat the Forgotten Killer in partnership with Dis-Chem Pharmacies. Too much salt is bad for your heart

6 Foods for a happier heart

There are so many healthy food options, that choosing one can become quite daunting. But have no fear, we are here to help you identify 6 foods to make your heart happy. With the help of our Heart Mark logo and this article, we will have you and your heart smiling in no time. We have put together a list of 6, tasty and affordable, food items that make keeping your heart happy easy. 1.    Fresh Herbs

How to keep a balanced diet on track

We know how hard it is to keep our lives balanced since there are so many versions of “balance” and “moderation”. These 7 tips will help you keep your eating habits in check as we strive to cement a healthy lifestyle which should certainly include physical activity, excessive alcohol use and getting regular screening tests done for blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol. Tip 1:

5 Ways to a Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day could be good for the heart in more ways than one. We’ve come up with 5 practical and delicious ways to keep that special day romantic whilst contributing to better heart health. Delight in dark chocolate A little bit of high quality chocolate may be beneficial for your heart. Cocoa beans used to make chocolate are rich in flavonoids which are naturally found in plants and have antioxidant activity.