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Salt, The Forgotten Killer

Salt Awareness Week 2017 is almost upon us! This year, from 20th to 26th March the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA will aim to combat the Forgotten Killer in partnership with Dis-Chem Pharmacies. Too much salt is bad for your heart

6 Foods for a happier heart

There are so many healthy food options, that choosing one can become quite daunting. But have no fear, we are here to help you identify 6 foods to make your heart happy. With the help of our Heart Mark logo and this article, we will have you and your heart smiling in no time. We have put together a list of 6, tasty and affordable, food items that make keeping your heart happy easy. 1.    Fresh Herbs

How to keep a balanced diet on track

We know how hard it is to keep our lives balanced since there are so many versions of “balance” and “moderation”. These 7 tips will help you keep your eating habits in check as we strive to cement a healthy lifestyle which should certainly include physical activity, excessive alcohol use and getting regular screening tests done for blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol. Tip 1:

5 Ways to a Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day could be good for the heart in more ways than one. We’ve come up with 5 practical and delicious ways to keep that special day romantic whilst contributing to better heart health. Delight in dark chocolate A little bit of high quality chocolate may be beneficial for your heart. Cocoa beans used to make chocolate are rich in flavonoids which are naturally found in plants and have antioxidant activity.

6 Steps to Achieve Your Forgotten New Year’s Resolutions

As ‘Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day’ passed on the 17th of January, by now, most of us have completely given up on them. In fact, only about 8% of people actually achieve their new year’s resolutions. Are we setting ourselves up for magnificent failures or are we just setting unreasonable goals?

4 Easy ways to keep kids moving

Back to school means back to basics but we don’t want lifestyle habits to lag behind. Exercise is so important to the lifestyle we want our children lead and in truth, regular exercise can give you the most profound long-term health benefits. Since it goes hand-in-hand with healthy eating habits, we need to make sure our children have some downtime from the routine homework and TV. Let’s keep them moving with 4 easy ways to incorporate exercise into our home life: 1.    Skipping sensation

7 Tips to relieve stress this holiday season

Don’t be a holiday hostage! You are home, the kids are home, the weather is great but all you do is cook, clean and be busy – this is not a holiday! Stress can be relieved in so many ways doing various things to get a proper rest. You deserve a physical, mental and emotional break from it all, even just for a few days. Because before you know it, the calendar has rolled back on to January and the pressure of your usual routine will once again be weighing on your mind. The ideal scenario

6 Christmas shopping tips

Get your kitchen ready for the festive season with these must-have healthy food trolley items to keep you and your family as healthy as can be without losing out on all the fun and feasting that the holidays bring.

Safe sipping this festive season

'Tis the season to be jolly” and so we should be as we enjoy the holiday season with our friends and family. With so many reasons to celebrate and alcoholic drinks often featuring in abundance, it is important to look at healthy and safe ways to enjoy a drink or two. How Much Alcohol Is Safe?

Happiness habits for your heart

Many people live under the false assumption that happiness is a feeling you get when you reach a goal or do something you love. Do you ever feel that who you are, where you are or what you have is not enough? Do you think “I’ll be happy when…” but then you achieve the goal, or reach the destination and still feel empty and discontent? If you answered yes to any of the above, then you are likely a part of 95% of society that believes that your external world (money, relationships, success, travel schedule) is predictive of your happiness levels.