Not all people experience the same symptoms when they suffer a heart attack. Sudden chest pain is the most common symptom of a heart attack. In some case, mostly women or people with diabetes, a heart attack can happen without any chest pain. Chest pain can also be caused by several other conditions that affect the stomach, chest wall, muscles or lungs. Ambulance staff or a doctor can do the necessary tests to find out if chest pain is caused by a heart attack. Below are the common symptoms of a heart attack. You may experience only one or several of these symptoms during a heart attack. If you are in doubt, get checked out!

Symptoms of a heart attack

An overwhelming sense of anxiety

Shortness of breath

Feeling light headed and dizzy

Abdominal pain, feeling sick, or vomiting

The pain can spread to your shoulders, arms, neck or jaw Sweating

Chest pain that could feel like pressure. tightness, discomfort or squeezing