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World Health Day 2017: Let's talk about depression

#LetsTalk about depression! World Health Day on 7 April 2017 focuses on depression, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA) supports the World Health Organisation addressing the seriousness of depression and takes a deeper look at the links and effects of depression on heart health. What is Depression?

Salty South Africa – are we doing better after salt legislation?

South Africa passed world-leading legislation to reduce salt intake fully supported by the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA) and World Action on Salt and Health (WASH). Despite this, too many South African eat too much salt, putting themselves at risk of heart disease and strokes as we fast approach Salt Awareness Week from 20-26 March Salt – a forgotten killer

Face the facts: stroke is treatable

This World Stroke Day, 29 October, the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA) joins the voice of the World Stroke Organisation (WSO) as we boldly declare that stroke is treatable through better awareness, access and action.      Survivors speak out

Childhood obesity in South Africa to soar unless we act now

11 October 2016 If obesity in South African children continues to increase at the current rate, 3.91 million school children will be overweight or obese by 2025. On world Obesity Day, the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa, together with the World Obesity Federation, calls for decisive action from government, private sector and parents.

All eyes on Table Mountain as it lights up for World Heart Day!

At 7pm on 29 September, our beloved Table Mountain will be lit up as world leaders in the fight against cardiovascular disease (CVD) join forces to light up key landmarks across the globe, as they shine the spotlight on this leading global killer that can be prevented.

Could this mean the end of preventable heart disease in children?

  Rheumatic Fever Week: 1 to 6 August 2016 ‘We can end rheumatic heart disease in our lifetime’. This quote captures the impetus behind last year’s third All-Africa workshop on rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease (RHD) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Here African experts created a ‘roadmap’ to eradicate RHD in Africa1,2. Since then African Union (AU) Heads of State have endorsed the action plan and signed a declaration to implement key actions.

Communities can win against Rheumatic Fever

Rheumatic Fever week: 1 to 6 August 2016 100% preventable heart disease

South Africans eating less salt from today as new law kicks in

From today South Africans will be eating less salt, and most people will be blissfully unaware. New legislation to reduce salt in processed foods comes into effect on 30 June 2016.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa announces a new CEO

The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa announces a new Chief Executive Officer and bids farewell to a leader and advocate for South African public health.

Is South Africa ready for plain packaging?

31 May is World No-Tobacco Day and this year the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA (HSFSA) supports the global theme from the World Health Organization (WHO) to “get ready for plain packaging on tobacco products”.